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Financial Advisor Program

This partner program is a joint initiative between Synergy Asset Management and ValuSource and contains everything you need to leverage Online Business Valuation to generate LEADS and build your business. Please log in to access your sales and marketing materials.


As a financial advisor, are you having trouble standing out from competitors, getting more leads and generating more business?

Need a “hook” to get attention and get an introduction? Want to find high-net-worth prospects who have more assets to manage?  Need a way to value a business owner’s company to be included as part of their financial plan?

Perhaps you should consider the Synergy Asset Management Business Financial Planning Program–using a FREE valuation as a way to generate leads (using Online Business Valuation).

Partner Program Benefits

Online Business Valuation (OBV) is the #1 purely market-based online business valuation software. It is used by Synergy Asset Management partners to provide an excellent ballpark estimate of the value of a client’s business in about 45 minutes! The following are several benefits:

  • A Hook. Helps you generate more business with a new service offering–a “hook” that you can promote to get your prospects’ attention and give you an introduction.
  • Wealthier Prospects. A business owner’s largest asset is often their business, yet most owners haven’t quantified this value. You can attract and target high net-worth prospects who have more assets for you to manage.
  • FREE to Business Owners. Allows you to offer your business owner prospects an online, fast, FREE and easy way to value their business and quickly differentiate yourself and your services.
  • Affordable Lead Tool. As a partner, your price (for unlimited reports/year) is highly discounted, plus you get a complete marketing “kit” and dedicated support to help you market.

Knowing the value of a prospect or client’s business helps both you and them understand their outstanding retirement balance needs–which may also help you implement additional investment, insurance, and planning services to ensure they will be able to meet their retirement goals.

Click HERE to see a sample valuation report.

Providing this service also helps you open the door to meeting with these sought-after clients and build your business.

Log into the portal for valuable resources.

Sales & Marketing Materials

The portal contains everything you need to generate more leads by using Online Business Valuation.

  • White Paper - "Why You Need a Business Valuation"

    Explains why a business owner should get a business valuation now, vs later (when they can do something about it).

  • "Light" Valuation Calculator

    A quick high-level calculator that you can use on your website – gives a very rough idea of what the business might be worth. Generates leads.

  • Email Marketing Templates

    Email and direct response mail samples and templates that can be quickly re-purposed for prospect lists.

  • Re-Brandable Marketing Collateral

    Product slick that explains the advantage of getting a free ballpark valuation.

  • Promotional Video

    Video that quickly shows business owner prospects the advantage of a ballpark valuation. Can be customized with your own personalized introduction.

  • Sales Manual & Dialogues

    A complete sales manual to help with prospecting and closing sales. Plus dialogues, scripts and more.

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